Hungry For Wellness

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Optimizing our health status is largely dependent on our dietary choices. A healthy body with all major organs functioning well for a life time is what we all hope for. When all body functions are operating in harmony we can reduce the probability of developing chronic illness. Most of us are able to overcome the common cold without taking loads of medications when we increase hydration and increase rest to permit the body’s immune system’s to step up its innate process to drive down the viral invasion, and eventual strengthening of the memory cells to immediately come to the rescue with the next viral invasion attempt.

With a regular program of exercise; the energy derived from the enzymatic activity of raw foods, the building blocks of protein, from vegetables, fruits, herbs transform earth chemicals into active bio-chemicals needed for body energy and function.


About Elsie Taylor

Elsie Taylor

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My first teacher was my mother, Elvie Taylor. She influenced, and continues to influence, how I practice medicine—and, most importantly, how I interact with individuals.

My mom devoted much of her life totally supporting community efforts to improve all aspects of the human condition. She was a devout Christian, who brought her evangelism into the California prison system in Susanville, California.


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